April 24th, 2012
Jimi Petulla Gives Better Chance to People Aiming for a Job in the Entertainment Industry

When you are in the same age as me, mid 30’s and you suddenly realized that you want a job in the entertainment industry, going to a film or any art school offering related course is really discouraging. I can’t imagine being classmates with young people who know more than I do. I can’t also imagine being able to get the favor when acquiring for job especially if I have no experience and I’m competing with a younger applicant who has more years to improve. It can be really disheartening. Not only that, I would need to complete at least four years of studying before I can start working. For someone like me, that’s not something good. I’m not getting any younger. Good thing I learned about Jimi Petulla and his mentor apprentice. It brought back my mojo at fulfilling my dream. I became more hopeful in acquiring a job in the entertainment industry after I have learned from one of the best experts in the world. In fact, I may even end up establishing a good relationship with my mentor and end up being offered a permanent job with him or one of his connections. Believe it or not, in this line of work, connection is very important. If one is well connected, he is more likely to achieve his goals not only in finding jobs but also in getting the job done. I find this mentor apprentice program a really advantageous set up for me and other people who realized their dream later than others.

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April 24th, 2012
When to Hire a Los Angeles Trademark Attorney

As a business owner, manufacturing a product means a lot of responsibilities for me. I need not only to make my product have good quality but also need to protect it once I release it in the market. The product undergoes product testing and market research studies in order to make sure that it will give me profit and not losses. After testing the marketability of my product and knowing that it will be bought by my targeted clients, I should apply a patent to it. A patent or trademark is very important to provide distinction for my product. This is the best way to protect my business’s rights to the product it has manufactured. In applying a trademark, I will need a Los Angeles trademark attorney. The acquisition of services of this attorney is, without question, essential in the success of selling my product. However, the question is, when should I hire his services? Well, it depends. If you are trying to sell a product which is new in the market, I think that it is advisable to perform a marketability study first before hiring a trademark lawyer. But if you are selling a product which already has similar products in the market then you need not perform a marketability test before hiring a trademark lawyer. You can hire his services even while the product is still being processed and manufactured. In this way, you can be guided as early as possible and be prepared for the product launching.

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April 23rd, 2012
A Florida Law Firm That Stands By Your Side

To those outside of Florida, the state may seem like a vacation hot spot and a little slice of paradise compared to the cold north. However, life in Florida doesn’t simply exist for a few months out of the year, and to the many permanent residents, there is much more to society than just theme parks and hotels. And while there is much to enjoy about life in Florida, there are also complications one might face elsewhere, including personal injuries, divorce, contract disputes. Thankfully, such legal disputes can be efficiently handled by Naples Florida attorneys such as Woodward, Pires and Lombardo. This firm has set the standard for high-quality, professional representation through more than four decades of experience serving clients throughout Florida. As a leading group of Naples Florida attorneys, Woodward, Pires and Lombardo have dedicated themselves to serving both individual and business interests. The firm has focused on effective litigation, arbitration and mediation performance that helps promote the desires of each client. Attorneys at Woodward, Pires and Lombardo are favorites of Florida clients because they seek to build relationships with all those seeking legal services. The firm values each client’s time and seeks to promote mutual understanding of the claim, avenues of litigation, and the consequences of the legal game plan these Naples Florida attorneys craft with each client. Although the legal processes some cases require can be challenging to understand, Woodward, Pires and Lombardo ensure that every client is given insight into the litigation so informed decisions can be made. In the more than 40 years that the firm has served Florida, Woodward, Pires and Lombardo has built a practice with a legacy of success in many different areas of law. The firm has professionals capable of handling a broad range of individual and business law claims, including personal injury, family law, estate planning, land use, business acquisitions, commercial law, construction lien law, condominium and real estate law, wills and trusts, and government law. The firm has earned Martindale-Hubble’s highest rating for litigators and will be able to represent you with an unmatched level of competence.

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April 20th, 2012
Age Discrimination Situation: Can’t Hang At 62

Age discrimination is a serious issue in employment law. Age discrimination is the discriminating against individuals or groups based on their age. 

Take the following hypothetical example for instance:

Jim works at the corporate headquarters of a surfboard manufacturing company. Most of his coworkers are in their late 20s to mid-40s. Jim is 62. One day on a Saturday, his company throws a social on the beach. A few of his coworkers bring their surfboards and Jim brings his as well. When out at sea one of his coworkers spots a big wave coming on and yells at Jim to catch it. Jim tries to ride the wave but isn’t quick enough and loses balances. Jim falls off his board and his coworkers laugh, calling him an “old man.” On Monday when everyone comes into work his coworkers tease him about how he fell off his surfboard at the social and joke that he’s getting too old for the company. Jim is hurt but ignores them. His boss named Jo calls him into her office. Jo tells him that she heard that he couldn’t keep up with everyone on the weekend. Jo tells Jim that he is getting too old for the younger generation the company caters to and fires him.

The above situation is an example of Age Discrimination and Discrimination at workplace. If you have ever been fired due to a similar situation, contact your wrongful termination lawyers in San Bernardino immediately. They will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

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April 20th, 2012
Odd State Taxes

When people pay their taxes each year, they generally pay a certain percentage of their income whether it is from a business or personal income and those payments are made larger or smaller by a series of rules, tax breaks and incentives that usually have the potential to change the amount someone owes by a little or a lot. These many issues are one of the primary reasons why people have to hire Certified Public Accountants and tax lawyers to ensure that they’re paying the right amount of money but not too much.

Of course, not all tax rules are the standard, boring type that might be seen on a federal 1040 form or a state income tax form. There are a significant number of taxes that are owed by individuals and businesses in various states that are actually quite odd rules that nobody really pays attention to until it’s time to fill out those tax forms in April and get those taxes paid. One really odd tax exists in Alabama and actually charges an extra ten cents on every pack of playing cards and sellers end up having to be licensed on a yearly basis just to sell cards.

Another odd tax that catches people by surprise is one in Arkansas which places a six percent tax on all tattoos and body piercing that occurs within the state lines. Oddly enough, the hair removal option of electrolysis is another item which is libel to be taxed additionally taxed with state taxes within this rule.

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