June 2nd, 2012
Become an ASL Interpreter

Becoming a Sign Language Interpreter is challenging but it can also be a lot of fun. When you learn how to speak sign language you are learning how to communicate with an entirely different group of people. These people don’t watch as much TV as the average American. Not only that, they only have a limited number people that they can talk to so they are pretty shielded from the rest of the world.

Nonverbal Communication Is Very Important As an ASL InterpreterWhen you learn how to speak sign language with your hands, you also should learn how to speak it with your face and with your mouth as well. People who can read sign language, read body language just as well or even better than most other people.If you want to become a sign language interpreter, you should study sign language and see if you can become certified. A lot of people study sign language because they know someone who is deaf, or because they want to help people as an ASL interpreter. Learning how to speak sign language is a great way to help people who couldn’t normally communicate and understand what is going on.How to Become Certified for Sign LanguageI have had the opportunities to study sign language before. I really enjoyed learning it. What I enjoyed the most was being able to interact and talk to people. You can usually become certified for sign language by taking classes at a local community college or a university. Generally it takes a few years to be able to become certified as fluent and sign language. after you become certified, you can go to work for and interpreter agency. If you love talking and sign language, working for an interpreter agency can be a promising career.

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