April 26th, 2012
Complex Civil Litigation: a Definition

What is complex civil litigation? By definition, it is a quarrel or misunderstanding between two or maybe even more parties that needs the help of a lawyer to settle the dispute. Often, one or all parties want the opposing party to give them money or pay them for the damages he has done.

In civil litigation, there’s a wide range of possible disputes. It can be between a tenant and the landowner, personal injury caused by reckless behavior of the other party, and medical malpractice. It can also involve laws on environment, labor, and education.The lawyer who takes on this job is called a litigator. His task is to represent his client in court or during mediations. Mediations are done to settle agreements between the clients so that a trial is not needed anymore. This is done to avoid additional costs for the trial and to minimize the possible cost a client needs to pay as demanded by the other party.

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