April 24th, 2012
Jimi Petulla Gives Better Chance to People Aiming for a Job in the Entertainment Industry

When you are in the same age as me, mid 30’s and you suddenly realized that you want a job in the entertainment industry, going to a film or any art school offering related course is really discouraging. I can’t imagine being classmates with young people who know more than I do. I can’t also imagine being able to get the favor when acquiring for job especially if I have no experience and I’m competing with a younger applicant who has more years to improve. It can be really disheartening. Not only that, I would need to complete at least four years of studying before I can start working. For someone like me, that’s not something good. I’m not getting any younger. Good thing I learned about Jimi Petulla and his mentor apprentice. It brought back my mojo at fulfilling my dream. I became more hopeful in acquiring a job in the entertainment industry after I have learned from one of the best experts in the world. In fact, I may even end up establishing a good relationship with my mentor and end up being offered a permanent job with him or one of his connections. Believe it or not, in this line of work, connection is very important. If one is well connected, he is more likely to achieve his goals not only in finding jobs but also in getting the job done. I find this mentor apprentice program a really advantageous set up for me and other people who realized their dream later than others.

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